Airports In West Sepik / Papua New Guinea

Map of Airports Locations In West Sepik / Papua New Guinea

Hotels Nearby West Sepik / Papua New Guinea

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List of Airports In West Sepik / Papua New Guinea

Yapsiei Airport

Wobagen Airstrip

Munbil Airport

Blackwara Airport

Bimin Airport

Arkosame Airstrip

Akwom Airstrip

Agali Airstrip

Tadji Airport

Aitape Airport

Amanab Airport

Anguganak Airport

Bak Airstrip

Bewani Airport

Gubil Airstrip

Buluwo Airstrip

Busilmin Airstrip

Duranmin Airstrip

Eliptamin Airport

Feramin Airport

Fiyak Airstrip

Fas Airstrip

Gawa Airstrip

Green River Airport

Guriaso Keraso Airport

Ibil Airstrip

Idam Airstrip

Imonda Airport

Kabori Airstrip

Kafle Airstrip

Kamberatoro Airport

Kilifas Airstrip

Kwieftim Airstrip

Kwomtari Airstrip

Leitre Airport

Lumi Airport

Miyanmin Airport

Moi Airstrip

Nuku Airport

Okisai Airstrip

Oksapmin Airport

Ossima Airport

Serra Airstrip

Siawi Airstrip

Sibilanga Airstrip

Sinow Airstrip

Sisamin Airstrip

Sissano Airport

Smok Airstrip

Taskul Airport

Tekin Airport

Telefomin Airport

Tifalmin Airport

Tumolbil Airport

Utai Airstrip

Vanimo Airport

Warasai Airstrip

Wau Airport

Yanungen Airstrip

Yebil Airstrip

Edwaki Airport

Yemin Airstrip

Yili Airstrip

Yilui Airstrip

Yinugen Airstrip

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