Airports In Primorskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Map of Airports Locations In Primorskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Hotels Nearby Primorskiy Kray / Russian Federation

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List of Airports In Primorskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Amgu Airport

Anna Heliport

Arsenyev Sport Airfield

Vladivostok International Airport

Uglovaya Air Base

Ozyornye Klyuchi Lake Springs Airfield

Chernigovka Air Base

Chuguyevka Air Base

Dalnegorsk Airport

Dalnerechensk Airport

Galyonki Air Base

Kamenka Heliport

Kavalerovo Airport

Khorol Air Base

Maksimovka Airstrip

Malaya Kema Heliport

Milogradovo Heliport

Nikolayevka Air Base

Novonezhino Airfield

Novorossiya Airfield

Olga Heliport

Sukhaya Rechka Naval Air Base

Plastun Airport

Pos Et Heliport

Preobrazheniye Airport

Avdeyevka Airfield

Russkiy Island Heliport

Far Eastern Federal University Dvfu Medical Center Helipad

Far Eastern Federal University Dvfu Campus Helipad

Pristan Naval Air Base

Maikhe Airfield

Khasanskaya Central Regional Hospital Helipad

Khvalynka Air Base

Svetlaya Airport

Sysoyevka Airfield

Terney Airport

Baranovskiy Airfield

Varfolomeyevka Southwest Airfield

Varfolomeyevka Air Base

Old Vladivostok Airfield

Old Vladivostok Airfield Heliport

Vozdvizhenka Air Base

Yedinka Airport

Sergeyevka Landing Strip

Zolotaya Dolina Air Base

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