Airports In Papua / Indonesia

Map of Airports Locations In Papua / Indonesia

Hotels Nearby Papua / Indonesia

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List of Airports In Papua / Indonesia

Yaosakor Airstrip

Arsbol Airstrip

Angguruk Airstrip

Ambisibil Airstrip

Amazu Airstrip


Aboyi Airstrip

Aboge Airstrip

Agats Airport

Aideralma Airstrip

Alama Airstrip

Amahai Airport

Yuruf Airport

Apalapsili Airport

Apowo Airstrip

Arso Airport

Ewer Airport

Aurimi Wzil Airstrip

Awinbon Airstrip

Bade Airport

Bareri Airport

Bari Airport

Basiem Airport

Batom Airport

Beoga Airport

Frans Kaisiepo Airport

Biak Manuhua Airport

Bime Airstrip

Binsari Airstrip

Biri Airstrip

Bokondini Airport

Bomela Airport

Bomoani Airstrip

Borme Airstrip

Bugalaga Airstrip

Comoro Airstrip

Dabra Airport

Dagai Airport

Lake Holmes Airstrip

Daufo Airfield

Nop Goliat Airport

Derapos Airstrip

Dou Airstrip

Doyo Baru Airport

Eaopoto Airstrip

Elelim Airport

Enarotali Airport

Eri Airstrip

Faowi Airstrip

Foao Airstrip

Geyarek Airstrip

Haya Airstrip

Hitadipa Airport

Holuwon Airstrip

Hubliki Airstrip

Hulu Atas

Ibele Airstrip

Illaga Airport

Illaga Iii Airport

Ilu Airport

Ilugwa Antara Airport

Iratoi Airstrip

Iwur Airstrip

Sentani International Airport

Jila Airstrip

Jita Airstrip

Kaesah Airstrip

Kaiy Airstrip

Nalca Airstrip

Kamiri Airfield

Kamur Airport

Kanggime Airstrip

Karubaga Airport

Kasonaweja Airstrip

Kaure Airstrip

Kebo Airstrip

Keisah Airport

Kelila Airport

Keneyan Airstrip

Kepi Airport

Kimaam Airport

Kiman Airport

Kiwi Airstrip

Kiwirok Airstrip

Kobakma Airstrip

Kokonau Airport

Komopa Airstrip

Kornasoren Airfield

Koropun Airstrip

Kustera Airstrip

Kwerba Airstrip


Landikma Airstrip

Langda Airstrip

Lereh Airport

Luban Airstrip

Magoda Airstrip

Wakde Airport

Mopah Airport

Mindiptana Airport

Moanamani Airport

Mulia Airport

Muting Airport

Nabire Airport

Namber Airfield

Nania Airstrip

Nipsan Airstrip

Obano Airport

Okaba Airport

Oklip Airstrip

Oksibil Airport

Okyap Airstrip

Omban Airstrip

Owi Airfield

Pagai Airstrip

Panggema Hasan Airport

Papasena Airstrip

Pass Valley Airstrip

Piramid Airstrip

Pit River Airstrip

Poga Airstrip

Pogapa Airstrip

Polimo Airstrip

Prongkoli Airstrip


Ros Bori Airstrip

Samboka Airstrip

Sape Airstrip

Sarmi Airport

Sela Airstrip

Senggeh Airport

Senggo Airport

Seradala Airstrip

Serui Airport

Sikari Airstrip

Silimo Airstrip

Sinak Airport

Siriwo Airstrip

Soba Airstrip

Bilogai Sugapa Airport

Sumo Airstrip

Sumtamon Airstrip

Waris Airport

Taiyeve Airstrip

Takar Airstrip

Tanah Merah Airport

Tangma Airstrip

Tayayi Airstrip

Timepa Airstrip

Mozes Kilangin Airport

Tiom Airport

Turimo Airstrip

Ubrub Airport

Waff Airstrip

Wagethe Airport

Walerek Airstrip

Walma Airstrip

Wamena Airport

Wandama Airstrip

Wanggemalu Airstrip

Wolo Airstrip

Wunin Airstrip

Yaniruma Airstrip

Yapil Airstrip

Yigi Airstrip

Yogosem Airstrip

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