Airports In Ontario / Canada

Map of Airports Locations In Ontario / Canada

Hotels Nearby Ontario / Canada

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List of Airports In Ontario / Canada

Woodstock Private Airstrip

Woodstock Hospital Heliport

Willow Lake Airstrip

Wiebenville Airport

White Cloud Island

Wheatly Robinson Motorcycles Airfield

Webbwood Airport

Walter S Falls Piper Way Airfield

Utica Airfield

Tyneside Field

Timmins Porcupine Lake Seaplane Base

Thunder Bay Seaplane Base

Temagami Mine Landing Seaplane Base

Teeswater Dent Field

Sudbury Ramsey Lake Seaplane Base

Sudbury Laurentian Hospital

Sudbury Azilda Seaplane Base

Sturgeon Falls Airport

Stratford Airport

Stoney Point Trepanier

Stewart Lake Seaplane Base

Staunton Lake Seaplane Base

Smoky Lake Seaplane Base

Skydive Swoop

Skeleton Lake Seaplane Base

Six Mile Lake Hungry Bay Seaplane Base

Sioux Lookout Seaplane Base

Simcoe Airport

Shelburne Schaefer Field

Selkirk Kindy Airstrip

Selby Howard S Airstrip

Seagrave Airfield

Schomberg Sloan Valley View Farm Airfield

Savant Lake Sturgeon Lake Seaplane Base

Savant Lake Airport

Sault Ste Marie Seaplane Base

Sandy Lake Seaplane Base

Sand Point Lake Seaplane Base

Sandford Field

Ruscom Station Field

Round Lake Weagamow Lake Seaplane Base

Roths Field

Rosseau Airport

Roseville Field

Rodney Airport

Red Lake Seaplane Base

Rainy River Seaplane Base

Prospect Lake Airport

Pottageville Airport

Port Stanton Sparrow Lake Seaplane Base

Port Loring Seaplane Base

Port Hope Millson Field

Port Carling Butterfly Lake Seaplane Base

Port Albert Airport

Portage Lake Seaplane Base

Plattsville Lubitz Flying Field

Pickle Lake Seaplane Base

Petrolia Airport

Perry Lake Seaplane Base

Perrault Falls Airport

Pays Plat Seaplane Base

Paterson Field

Parry Sound St Waleran Island Seaplane Base

Parry Sound Huron Island Seaplane Base

Parry Sound Harbour Seaplane Base

Parry Sound Derbyshire Island Seaplane Base

Parry Sound Deep Bay Seaplane Base

O Sullivan Lake Water Aerodrome

Orono Hawkefield

Orono Field

Orillia Lake St John Seaplane Base

Orangeville Rosehill Airfield

Orangeville Brundle Field

Obonga Airport

North Bay Seaplane Base

Nobel Sawdust Bay Seaplane Base

Nobel Lumsden Air Park

Nicholson Island Private Airstrip

Newtonville Steeves Field

Nestor Falls Seaplane Base

Nestor Falls Sabaskong Bay Seaplane Base

Nakina Seaplane Base

Muskegsagagen Lake Airport

Moosonee Seaplane Base

Minaki Pistol Lake Seaplane Base

Minaki Airport

Miminiska Seaplane Base

Maxville Bourdon Farm Airport

Mattawa Seaplane Base

Manitowaning Seaplane Base

Mactier Francis Island Seaplane Base

Long Sault Airstrip

Little S Farm

Little Current Seaplane Base

L Escapade

Laurel Whittington

Lake Rosseau Windermere Seaplane Base

Lake Rosseau Arthurlie Bay Seaplane Base

Lake Muskoka Dudley Bay Seaplane Base

Lake Muskoka Alport Bay Seaplane Base

Lac La Croix Seaplane Base

Kohler Airstrip

Kirkfield Balsam Lake Airfield

Kilbride Bot

Kenora Seaplane Base

Kenakskaniss Airport

Keene Elmhirst S Resort Seaplane Base

Kashabowie Upper Shebandowan Lake Seaplane Base

Jellicoe Airport

Jarvis No 1 Bombing Gunnery School

Iona Station Bobier Strip

Innerkip Airport

Indian River Airport

Ignace Seaplane Base

Huntsville Seaplane Base

Huntsville North Seaplane Base

Huntsville Bella Lake Seaplane Base

Hudson Seaplane Base

Hornepayne Seaplane Base

Head Lake Seaplane Base

Hawk Junction Seaplane Base

Hampton Morawetz Field


Haliburton Seaplane Base

Hagersville Airport No 16 Sfts

Griffith Island

Granitehill Lake Seaplane Base

Grand Valley North

Grand Valley Martin Field

Grand Valley Madill Field

Grand Valley Luther Field

Grand Valley Black Field

Grand Valley Airport

Gowganda Gowganda Lake Seaplane Base

Gore S Landing Airport

Gooderham Pencil Lake Seaplane Base


Gananoque Seaplane Base

Foxden Farms

Five Mile Lake Seaplane Base

Fergus Vodarek Field

Fergus Royland Field

Fergus Holyoake Airfield

Fenelon Falls Sturgeon Lake Seaplane Base

Farrow S Field

Essex Billing Airstrip

Espanola West Airport

Espanola East Airport

Eltrut Airport

Elk Lake Seaplane Base

Elizabethville Airstrip

Ear Falls Seaplane Base

Duplicate Baldwin West


Dundalk Tripp Field

Douro Airfield

Dorset Kawagama Lake Old Mill Marina Seaplane Base

Deer Lake Seaplane Base

Deer Lake Keyamawun Seaplane Base

Cushing Lake Seaplane Base

Culloden Airport

Cruikshank Air Field

Confederation Lake Seaplane Base

Combermere Bonnie Brae Airfield

Collingwood Wilsons

Colinville Field

Cochrane Seaplane Base

Chapleau Seaplane Base

Canton Aerodrome

Campbellville Bellshill Airpark

Burnaby Field

Burditt Lake Seaplane Base

Brussels Hemingway Field

Bruce Mines Kerr Field


Brampton Caledon Airport

Bracebridge West Airfield

Borden Airport

Bobcaygeon Chesher Lakehurst

Blackstock Martyn

Big Hook Wilderness Camp Seaplane Base

Belwood Wright Field

Belwood Ellen Field

Belwood Baird Field

Belleville Qhc Heliport

Belle River Field

Beaverton North

Beaverton Airport

Batchawana Seaplane Base

Bala Muskoka Float Flying Club Seaplane Base

Bala Medora Lake

Bala Gibson Lake Seaplane Base

Ayr Sargeant Private Airfield

Aylmer Airport

Arthur Peskett Field

Arthur Damascus Field

Arthur Arthur South

Armstrong Waweig Lake Seaplane Base

Armstrong Seaplane Base

Amaranth Airstrip

Almonte General Hospital

Algoma Mills Seaplane Base

Ajax Picov Downs Airport

Ajax Pickering General Hospital Heliport

Alexandria Aerodrome

Mcintosh Lake Water Aerodrome

Robinson International Air Field

Rcaf Detachment Alliston

Alliston Stevenson Memorial Hospital Heliport

Alliston Heliport

Alliston Airport

Wapekeka Airport

Armstrong Heliport

Armstrong Airport

Arnprior Seaplane Base

Arnprior Airport

Arnstein Airport

Arthur Walter S Field

Arthur North Airport

Arthur Metz Field

Crystal Lake Airport

Atikokan Seaplane Base

Atikokan Municipal Airport

Atikokan General Hospital Helipad

Attawapiskat Airport

Atwood Coghlin Airport

Atwood Airport

Rcaf Station Aylmer

Lancaster Airpark

Bala Airport

Baldwin West Aerodrome

Baldwin Airport

Bancroft North Hastings District Hospital Heliport

Bancroft Airport

Bar River Seaplane Base

Bar River Airport

Barrie Orillia Lake Simcoe Regional Airport

Barrie Royal Victoria Hospital Heliport

Barrie Little Lake Seaplane Base

Island Marina Water Aerodrome

Barry S Bay St Francis Memorial Hospital Heliport

Barry S Bay Madawaska Valley Airpark

Beamsville Panterra Heliport

Beardmore Health Centre Heliport

Bearskin Lake Airport

Beaverton North

Belleville Airport

Heurisko Pond Water Aerodrome

Big Trout Lake Airport

Blenheim Airport

Bolton Heliport

Cfb Borden

Bowmanville Memorial Hospital Heliport

Bracebridge Tinks Airport

Bracebridge Stone Wall Farm Airport

Bracebridge South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Heliport

Bradford Airport

Brampton National P Heliport

Brampton National D Heliport

Burtch Airport

Brantford Municipal Airport

Brechin Skywagon City Airfield

Brechin Ronan Waterdrome

Brechin Ronan Airfield

Brockville Thousand Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport

Brockville Medical Heliport

Brussels Van Keulen Field

Brussels Armstrong Field Airport

Wescam Burlington

Hamilton Harbour Seaplane Base

Burlington Executive

Caledonia Grand River Seaplane Base

Cambridge Reid S Field

Cambridge Puslinch Lake Seaplane Base

Newburgh R S Bob Clapp Memorial Airstrip

D C Heliport

Camden East Varty Lake Airport

Camden East Airstrip

Campbellford Airport

Carey Lake Airport

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