Airports In Krasnoyarskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Map of Airports Locations In Krasnoyarskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Hotels Nearby Krasnoyarskiy Kray / Russian Federation

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List of Airports In Krasnoyarskiy Kray / Russian Federation

Kuznetsovo Airfield

Kodinsk Airport

Kansk West Airport

Aban Airport

Achinsk Airport

Aginskoye Airport

Aksenovo Airport

Anash Airport

Aydara Airport

Bakhta Heliport

Bakhta Airport

Baklanikha Heliport

Balakhta Airport

Baykalovsk Heliport

Baykit Airport

Voznesenka Airfield

Boguchany Airport

Podkamennaya Tunguska Airport

Cape Chelyuskin Airfield

Dikson Heliport

Dikson Airport

Dudinka Heliport

Dudinka Airport

Goroshikha Heliport

Idrinskoye Airport

Igarka North Heliport

Igarka Airport

Kansk Tsentralny Airport

Kansk Air Base

Karaul Heliport

Shushenskoye Airport

Sredniy Ostrov Air Base

Khatanga Airport

Kostino Airstrip

Krasnoturansk Airport

Tatyshev Heliport

Solnechniy Airfield

Krasnoyarsk Severniy Airport

Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital Helipad

Krasnoyarsk International Airport

Krasnoyarsk Cheremshanka Airport

Lebed Airport

Levinskiye Peski Heliport

Motygino Airport

Munguy Heliport

Naparino Airport

Nazarovo Airport

Nazimovo Airstrip

Norilsk Alykel Airport

Nosok Heliport

Novoangarsk Airport

Novoselovo Airport

Ostrov Bolshevik Air Base

Poligus Airport

Sayanaero Heliport

Severo Yeniseysk Airport

Manskiy Airfield

Sharypovo Airport

Snezhnogorsk Airport

Staroturukhansk Airfield

Svetlogorsk Airport

Syndassko Airstrip

Tasayevo Airport

Tura Mountain Airport

Tura Airport

Turukhansk Airport

Tutonchany Airport

Tyukhtet North

Ust Port Heliport

Uzhur Airport

Valek Airport

Vanavara Airport

Vereshchagino Heliport

Vereshchagino Airport

Verkhneimbatsk Heliport

Verkhneimbatsk Airport

Vorogovo Airport

Vorontsovo Heliport

Yartsevo Airport

Yeniseysk Heliport

Yeniseysk Airport

Zotino Airport

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