Airports In Ibaraki / Japan

Map of Airports Locations In Ibaraki / Japan

Hotels Nearby Ibaraki / Japan

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List of Airports In Ibaraki / Japan

Aviation Equipment Research Institute Heliport

Ami Airfield

Iwai Heliport

Bando Auxiliary Airfield

Tsukuba Gliderport

Shimodate Airfield

Sekijo Ultralightport

Akeno Auxiliary Airfield

Goka Heliport

Kawarago Gliderfield

Juo Airfield

Hitachi General Hospital Helipad

Mito Army Airfield

Minatomachi Gliderfield

Hokota Toyokashima Airfield

Ishioka Air Base

Kitaura Naval Airfield

Osakimachi Heliport

Kashima Central Hotel Helipad

Karuno Gliderport

Gonoike Air Base

Tsukuba Naval Airfield

Tsukuba Naval Air Base Tomobe Airfield

Ibaraki Prefectural Central Hospital Heliport

Chiyoda Auxiliary Airstrip

Otone Airfield

Kitaibaraki Municipal Hospital

Koga Airfield

Oyama Heliport

Kasumigaura Naval Airfield

Kashima Airfield

Oarai Auxiliary Airfield

Nho Mito Medical Center Helipad

Mito South Airfield

Mito Saiseikai Hospital Heliport

Mito Flying Club Airfield

Japan Red Cross Mito Hospital Heliport

Moriya Ultralight Airstrip

Moriya Airstrip

Mito North Airfield

Namiki Auxiliary Airfield

Namegata Community Medical Center Helipad

Ibaraki Airport Jasdf Hyakuri Air Base

Ryugasaki Airfield

Makabe Gliderport

Tsukuba Circuit Heliport

Shirosato Auxiliary Airfield

Toride Heliport

Kunugi Heliport

Tsuchiura Naval Airfield

Obatake Airfield

Jgsdf Kasumigaura Airfield

University Of Tsukuba Hospital Heliport

Tsukuba Heliport

Osone Airfield

Yuki Heliport

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