Airports In Hokkaido Hokkaido / Japan

Map of Airports Locations In Hokkaido Hokkaido / Japan

Hotels Nearby Hokkaido Hokkaido / Japan

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List of Airports In Hokkaido Hokkaido / Japan

Jasdf Abashiri Sub Base Heliport

Abashiri Fire Department South Station Heliport

Jgsdf Vice Camp Hayakita Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Abira Heliport

Aibetsu Airport

Aidomari Oshima Heliport

Akabira Sky Sports Airport

Akkeshi Airfield

Nagayama Shinkawa Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Asahikawa Airfield

Japan Red Cross Ashikawa Hospital Helipad

Asahikawa Medical University Hospital Helipad

Asahikawa Emergency Heliport

Asahikawa Airport

Jgsdf Vice Camp Ashoro Heliport

Ashoro Meto Airfield

Ashoro Heliport

Atsuma Sky Park

Yausubetsu Airfield

Kenebetsu Airfield Number 2

Jgsdf Yausubetsu Exercise Area Heliport

Jasdf Kenebetsu Airfield

Betsukai Flight Park

Bekanbe Airfield

Skyport Bibai

Jgsdf Camp Bibai Heliport

Hokkaido Spinal Cord Injury Center Helipad

Chubetsu Heliport

Biei Gliderport

Jgsdf Camp Bihoro Heliport

Jgdsf Camp Bihoro Airfield

Bihoro Air Park

Taiki Aerospace Research Airfield

Jgsdf Camp Higashichitose Third Airfield

Jgsdf Camp Higashichitose Second Airfield

Jgsdf Camp Higashichitose Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Higashichitose First Airfield

Jasdf Chitose Air Base

Japan Aviation Academy Chitose Airfield

Otaki Airfield

Hokkaido University Yubari River Gliderport

Ebetsu Airfield

Kyoei Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Engaru Heliport

Jgsdf Eniwa Exercise Area Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Shimamatsu Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Minami Eniwa Helipad

Jgsdf Camp Kita Eniwa Heliport

Eniwa Airfield

Jasdf Erimo Sub Base Heliport

Kengyuchusha Park Heliport

Fureppu Heliport

Hokkaido Central Hospital Helipad

Fukagawa Gliderport

Furano Kyokai Hospital Helipad

Yagishiri Emergency Heliport

Teuri Emergency Heliport

Haboro Hospital Helipad

Kyoaikai Hospital Helipad

Jgsdf Camp Hakodate Heliport

Hakodate Municipal Hospital Helipad

Hakodate Airport

Asajino Airfield

Jgsdf Vice Camp Hidaka Heliport

Inaho Misaki Lighthouse Helipad

Ufo Park Airfield

Aero Asahi Ishikari Helicopter Base

Shinshinotsu Gliderport

Jgsdf Camp Iwamizawa Helipad

Jgsdf Camp Iwamizawa Airfield

Jgsdf Camp Kamifurano Heliport

Sounkyo Heliport

Kamishihoro Air Park

Kitami Red Cross Hospital Helipad

Kitami Agricultural Airfield Skyport Kitami

Ijn Bihoro Airfield 3

Kuromatsunai Heliport

Ten Nei Heliport

Kushiro Takanosai Memorial Hospital Helipad

Kushiro Senior Hospital Helipad

Kushiro City General Hospital Helipad

Kushiro Airport

Jgsdf Camp Kushiro Heliport

Aikoku Kushiro Airfield

Aikoku Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Kutchan Helipad

Hopeland Airfield

Mashike Heliport

Old Monbetsu Airport

Monbetsu Regional Hospital Helipad

Monbetsu Airport

Tomiuchi Heliport

Mukawa Hobetsu Ic Heliport

Muroran Hatchodaira Airfield

Chiribetsu Airfield

Nakashibetsu Heliport

Nakashibetsu Airport

Nayoro City General Hospital

Jgsdf Camp Nayoro Airfield And Heliport

Nemuro Emergency Landing Ground

Makinouchi Airfield

Jasdf Camp Nemuro Sub Base Heliport

Niikappu Auxiliary Airfield

Niseko Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Horobetsu Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Horobetsu Airfield

Tokachi Obihiro Airport

Tokachi Heliport

Tokachi Airport

Kanoko Dam Heliport

Okushiri Airport

Cape Inaho Lighthouse Helipad

Okushiritou Sub Base Jasdf Helipad

Oshamanbe Heliport

Oshima Heliport

Otaru Naval Airfield

Otaru General Hospital Helipad

Otofuke Airfield

Memanbetsu Airport

Ijn Bihoro Airfield 2

Higashimokoto Special Heliport

Rebun Airport

Kafuka Harbor Heliport

Rishiri Heliport

Rishiri Airport

Rumoi Municipal Hospital Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Rumoi Heliport

Teine Keijinkai Hospital Helipad

Sapporo Okadama Airport

Sapporo Medical University Hospital Helipad

Sapporo General Hospital Helipad

Sapporo Dome Helipad

New Chitose Airport

Jgsdf Vice Camp Naebo Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Sapporo Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Makomanai Heliport

Hokkaido Medical Center For Child Health Rehabilitation Helipad

Hamaonishibetsu Airfield

Taisei Heliport

Setana Heliport

Shiretoko Heliport

Shibecha Heliport

Kawakita Airfield

Jgsdf Vice Camp Shibetsu Heliport

Shikabe Airfield

Komagatake Jgsdf Exercise Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Shikaoi Heliport

Shimukappu Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Shizunai South Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Shizunai Main Heliport

Tokachi Dam Heliport

Shintoku Agricultural Airfield

Shintotsukawa Heliport

Shiranuka Flight Park

Shiraoi Gliderport

Jgsdf Camp Shiraoi Heliport

Sunagawa Heliport

Sunagawa City Medical Center Heliport

Suttsu Heliport

Takikawa Sky Park

Jgsdf Camp Takikawa Heliport

Jgsdf Camp Takikawa Airfield

Takinoue Sightseeing Heliport

Teshikaga Heliport

Teshikaga Airport

Jasdf Tobetsu Sub Base Heliport

Toma Skypark Gliderport

Numanohata Airfield

Asahimachi Airfield

Silo Observation Deck Special Heliport

Toyokoro Gliderport

Mic Toyokoro Airfield

Toyotomi Heliport

Sarobetsu Flight Club Airfield

Yoshino Airfield

Wakkanai Airport

Jmsdf Wakkanai Base Heliport

Jasdf Yakumo Airbase

Yoichi Agricultural Airfield Appleport Yoichi

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