Airports In Bayern / Germany

Map of Airports Locations In Bayern / Germany

Hotels Nearby Bayern / Germany

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List of Airports In Bayern / Germany


Vilseck Army Air Field

Unterschwaningen Ul

Ul Platz Erpetshof

Segelflugplatz Weibenburg Wulzburg

Segelfluggelande Altenbachtal

Sauldorf Boll Ul

Peiting Ul

Moosburg Auf Der Kippe

Marbach Rielingshausen

Landsberg Lech Air Base

Irsingen Hesselberg

Ippesheim Ul


Hohenfels Army Air Field

Gunching Ul

Gsd Flugplatz

Grafenwohr Army Air Field

Frankendorf Ul

Forst Sengenthal Ul

Flugplatz Kolitzheim Herleshof

Ehingen Schlechtenfeld

Burgebrach Ulm

Buchig Airfield

Arnschwang Ultraleicht

Antdorf Ulm

Ansbach Army Heliport

Altomunster Ulm

Agathazell Airfield

Aichach Glider Field

Altdorf Hagenhausen Airfield

Altenstadt Army Airfield

Flugplatz Altfeld

Altotting Airfield

Rammertshof Amberg Airfield

Ampfing Waldkraiburg Airport

Ansbach Petersdorf Airport

Antersberg Airfield

Arnbruck Airport

Aschaffenburg Airfield

Augsburg Airport

Oberleichtersbach Airfield

Bad Endorf Jolling Airport

St Elisabeth Hospital Helipad

Bad Kissingen Airport

Bad Konigshofen Airfield

Bad Neustadt Saale Grasberg Airport

Bad Reichenhall Hospital Helipad

Greiling Airfield

Bad Windsheim Airport

Flugplatz Bad Worishofen Nord

Bad Worishofen Glider Airfield

Airport Bamberg Breitenau

Bayreuth Airport

Beilngries Airport

Benediktbeuern Airfield

Berching Airport

Berchtesgaden Hospital Helipad

Brannenburg Airfield

Flugplatz Burgheim

Cham Janahof Airfield

Flugplatz Coburg Steinrucken

Flugplatz Coburg Brandensteinsebene

Dachau Grobenried Airport

Flugplatz Deggendorf

Dingolfing Airport

Dinkelsbuhl Sinbronn Airport

Stillberghof Airfield

Donauworth Heliport

Donauworth Genderkingen Airport

Durabuch Glider Airfield

Elsenthal Grafe Airport

Burg Feuerstein Airport

Ebern Sendelbach Airport

Flugplatz Felling

Eggenfelden Airfield

Eichstatt Airport

Erbendorf Airfield

Erding Air Base

Erlangen Ebrardstrasse Helipad

Eschenlohe Airfield

Dobenreuth Airfield

Freilassing Hospital Helipad

Furstenfeldbruck Air Base

Furstenzell Airport

Furth Seckendorf Airfield

Fussen Glider Airfield

Gammelsdorf Glider Field

Sheridan Barracks Landing Area

Geilsheim Ul

Geitau Airfield

Gersdorf Ul

Giebelstadt Airport

Ul Flugfeld Gossenheim

Grabenstatt Airfield

Grafenwohr Medevac Helipad

Gundelfingen Airport

Legoland Helipad

Gunzburg Hospital Helipad

Gunzburg Donauried Airport

Gunzenhausen Reutberg Airfield

Habfurt Schweinfurt Airport

Lager Hammelburg Airport

Ottengruner Heide Airport

Hersbruck Airfield

Herzogenaurach Airport

Hettstadt Airport

Hienheim Airfield

Friesner Warte Airfield

Hof Plauen Airport

Hohenfels Hospital Army Helipad

Hallertau Airfield

Illertissen Airfield

Etting Adelmannsberg Glider Field

Flugplatz Jesenwang

Segelflugplatz Karlstadt Saupurzel

Kaufbeuren Air Base

Kempten Durach Airport

Kirchdorf Inn Airport

Flugplatz Kitzingen

Kleinhartpenning Ultralight Site

Konigsdorf Gliding Center

Kronach Airfield

Flugplatz Kulmbach

Lechfeld Air Base

Geratshof Airfield

Landshut Airfield

Lauf Lillinghof Airport

Leipheim Air Base

Lichtenfels Airport

Ingolstadt Manching Airport

Bischofsberg Airfield

Memmingen Allgau Airport

Mainbullau Airport

Mindelheim Mattsies Airfield

Straubing Airfield

Muhldorf Airport

Warngau Airfield

Drf Luftrettung Munchen Heliport

Munich Airport

Flughafen Munchen Riem

Neuburg Egweil Airport

Neuburg Afb

Neumarkt Obf Airport

Hetzleser Berg Airport

Neustadt Aisch Airport

Nittenau Bruck Airport

Nordlingen Airport

Ottenberg Airfield

Nuremberg Airport

Oberschleibheim Airfield

Oberschleissheim Heliport

Ochsenfurt Airport

Ohlstadt Airfield

Paterzell Airfield

Pegnitz Zipser Berg Airport

Pfarrkirchen Airport

Griesau Airport

Ul Flugplatz Litzlohe

Regensburg Oberhub Airport

Oberhinkofen Airfield

Sonderlandeplatz Roth

Rothenburg O D T Airport

Am Kreuzberg Glider Airfield

Schmidgaden Airport

Schwabach Heidenberg Airport

Schwabmunchen Airport

Schwandorf Airport

Schweinfurt Sud Airport

Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant Helipad

Schonberg Airport

Rosenthal Field Plossen Airport

Illesheim Air Base

Strabham Ul

Straubing Airport

Fichtelbrunn Airfield

Greding Airfield

Thalmassing Waizenhofen Airport

Thannhausen Airport

Tirschenreuth Airfield

Traunstein Hospital Helipad

Treuchtlingen Bubenheim Airport

Trostau Glider Field

Trostberg Hospital Helipad

Wilhelmsburg Kaserne Helipad

Unterwossen Airfield

Schweinfurt Army Heliport

Vilsbiburg Airport

Vilseck Main Army Heliport

Vilshofen Airfield

Vogtareuth Airport

Sonnen Airport

Oberpfaffenhofen Airport

Weibenhorn Airport

Weiden In Der Oberpfalz Airport

Wurzburg Schenkenturm Airport

Zell Haidberg Airport

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